Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. Members of Home Study Reiki weekly healings group will be sent a distance healing each week, usually on Sunday evenings.  You will be notified if there is a change in schedule.

  2. 2.The membership fee will be charged to you each month on the same day of the month that you originally signed up.  The transaction will be handled by Paypal.  Your financial information is presumably kept safe by Paypal and is not shared with or kept on file by Home Study Reiki.

  3. 3.The price you agree to when you sign up is the price you will always pay.  If there is a change in the Membership Fee, that change will not be passed on to you.  For example, if you sign up at a rate of $20 per month, and membership is later raised to $30, you will continue to pay $20 for the life of your membership.

  4. 4.You may cancel at any time, either thru the unsubscribe button on the website, or directly thru your paypal account.

  5. 5.If you have received a ‘free trial’ membership, you will receive free healings each week for the duration of that trial (usually for a month).  If you do not cancel your membership during the term of your free trial period, your paid membership begins and your account will be charged on the first day of the next billing cycle.  For example, if you start a one month trial membership on the 5th of a month, you will receive free weekly healings for that month. Your actual paid membership begins and Paypal will charge your account on the 5th of the following month.  If you cancel your membership before the free trial has expired, your account will not be charged.

  6. 6.Refunds will not be made if you do not cancel your payment before the next billing, however, if you have paid for the next billing cycle, weekly healings will continue to be sent unless you contact Home Study Reiki and request otherwise.  If you’ve paid for it, you will receive it.

  7. 7.Either party may cancel this agreement at any time for any reason without prior notice.  As stated in #6 above, your healings will continue thru the end of your last paid billing cycle.

  8. 8.Although Reiki is becoming more recognized among the medical profession, Home Study Reiki uses the term ‘Healings’ as a generic term for sending energy.  Cure or treatment of specific conditions is not guaranteed, nor implied.  As always, it is recommended you consult your doctor before beginning any kind of treatment program.