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9th Annual Holiday Toy Drive

This Year's Toy Drive was a great success...Raising $3553!  Thank you so much to all who participated.  Have a look at some of the photos we took from our day of shopping and delivery

The Stones are  in the final phase of polishing and will be going out after they've been charged on New Years Day!

Anyone who Donated $50 or more will receive a very special Red Sphalerite polished stone that has been charged in my sacred labyrinth.  Red Sphalerite is a very fiery stone that heals on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.  The mine, which is in Spain is now closed because the land has been declared national parkland.  This stone is no longer available except for what is already in circulation, so it is truly precious and hard to come by.  Some consider this to be the ultimate healers stone.  *Note...this picture is an example...mine are still being polished.  Actual size and shape will vary.  While supplies last... If I run out of stones in this size range, I will send several smaller pieces, of which I have plenty.

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