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Equinox Healing

We are at the turning of a great astrological age,  one of the ways we know this is that the Spring/Autumn Equinox is rising on the Galactic Cross near the Galactic Edge.   This rare placement of the rising Solstice Sun only occurs during a brief period of time every 26,000 years ( we are believed to be in the centre of this time, at the most potent aperture of this STARGATE alignment right now!).  This time is also known as The Great Awakening in many circles.  It's a great opportunity for healing!

Sorry, this Healing is Closed

The Equinox is a very auspicious time to receive healing.   If you are celebrating the start of Spring, you are planting seeds for later in the year...if you are celebrating the change to autumn, you are about to reap the bounty of the seeds you planted earlier in the year.  Either time is a great time to be supported by healing energy.

Donate Any Amount to be Included

Healing Closed

Or donate $20 or more, and you will also receive my 'Drop Your Baggage' meditation.  

Donate Any Amount to be Included

Healing Closed

You will truly be included by placing any donation, but if you can donate $20 or more, you will receive my 'Drop Your Baggage' meditation.  

Drop Your Baggage! Release your pain! Release your stuck energy!  That is what this meditation is designed to do.  Holding on to painful memories actually holds them in your energy body...it is a most harmful thing to do.  If we carry around painful memories long enough, they can eventually manifest into physical ailments.  


Emotional healing is every bit as important as physical healing...maybe even more important.  This meditation will leave you lighter and brighter!

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