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May 18th Healing Opportunity!

Sorry, This Healing is Closed

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"...May 18, the Luckiest Day of the Year. This is the once-a-year event when the Sun aligns with benefic Jupiter, always on a different day and in a different zodiac sign, or place, in the chart. This year is special because so many planets are in earth signs, and Jupiter and the Sun will meet in Taurus (and earth sign) for the first time in 12 years."
~Susan Miller, Astology Zone

I can't make any promises, but Susan Miller is a very well known astrologist (and I've personally known some of her predictions to be accurate) so I thought this would be a great time to add some Divine Reiki energy and see if we can raise the vibrations even more and get some extra benefits and as I do from time to time I'm doing a Healing by Donation.  Donate any amount to be included in this special healing.  

As always, you can join this healing with any donation, but if you can donate $20 or more, I'll send you the link to download my Abundance Meditation 

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