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Solstice Healing by Donation

December 21, 2021

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The Solstice is a very auspicious time to receive healing.   I'll be doing a special healing on Tuesday, December 21st.  Donate any amount to be included.  All donations received by December 17th will be applied to my 10th Annual Holiday Fundraiser to buy toys for children in need.

You will truly be included by placing any donation, but if you can donate $20 or more, you will receive my Forgiveness meditation 


Forgiveness is a very important part of healing.  Everyone has been hurt at some time in our lives...in fact, most of us have been hurt more times than we can remember.  Holding on to these hurts with anger and/or resentment adds to our baggage, which in turn can manifest as physical symptoms or even worse, dis-ease. 

Emotional healing is every bit as important as physical healing...maybe even more important.  This meditation will leave you lighter and brighter!