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I’m Jeff Donovan.  I’ve been studying Reiki since 2001.  I became a Reiki Master in 2003, and have been teaching ever since.  I took my first Reiki class because I knew someone who was extremely sick with lymphoma and I wanted to help if I could.  I heard about this “energy healing” technique and started looking into it.  I was a bit skeptical, and although I didn’t know it at the time, quite unconscious.  But I had recently opened my mind to Feng Shui....after all, the Chinese had been doing this for a few thousand years, MAYBE there was something to it.  The Feng Shui did work for me, and my perceptions of energy and possibilities started to change...maybe there was something to this “Reiki thing.”

I was quite skeptical that we could heal people with our hands and even more skeptical to think I could learn in a single day how to heal myself and others, but my friend was sick, so I started my research.  I began by reading a book, which piqued my curiosity so I scheduled a session.   During the session, I did feel something...I couldn’t quite put my finger on it though.  Also, when the healer put his hands over my face, they were very hot, but what was more interesting was that I could see what I can only describe as energy moving before me...that wouldn’t be so interesting, except that we were in a dimly lit room and my eyes were closed.  So I decided, there was something going on and it was worth the money to take the class, just for the chance I might be able to help my friend.


I didn’t consider myself sensitive.  Others in the class seemed to have amazing experiences...many could feel or see things in their minds eye when they received their attunements, while I sat there and didn’t feel any fact, at the end of that class, I wasn’t really sure if I had been scammed.  But in the days and weeks after class, as I started trying Reiki out on willing friends and family, I quickly received all the confirmation I needed.  Yes, it was real.  Yes, I was different.  My life had changed.  I continued my training, and two years later, after my master class, my life changed in quantum leaps.  I was opened to a whole new world.  My friend did survive his illness, by the way.


Since then, I have seen some amazing things...things that some might call miracles.  Just a few brief examples...I saw a man release and heal a childhood rape in just a few minutes on my table.  I assisted a 74 year old man open to his spiritual self by simply putting my hands on his shoulders.  I taught a woman (via home study) with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome to heal herself, she has since been taken off some 13 different prescription medications (see the video on the home page).  I once received a call from a friend in tears in unbearable pain from an extensive liposuction surgery...I sent her a healing (without ever being in her presence) and the pain ceased immediately.  These are just a few of the many, many experiences I’ve had since I’ve started studying Reiki.  But here’s the best part, I don’t believe I have any special abilities...I believe anybody can do what I do if they’re willing to practice.

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