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Learn to Heal Yourself and Others


Forgiveness is a very important part of healing.  Everyone has been hurt at some time in our fact, most of us have been hurt more times than we can remember.  Holding on to these hurts with anger and/or resentment adds to our baggage, which in turn can manifest as physical symptoms or even worse, dis-ease. 


A bigger issue than forgiving others is forgiving ourselves.  We’ve all made mistakes.  We all do things we regret, but we need to forgive ourselves in order to truly by happy and healthy. 

My Forgiveness Meditation uses the Alpha sound to help integrate healthy thought patterns about forgiving ourselves and others.  True healing begins at the emotional level.  When the emotional body is healthy, the physical body tends to follow.


You will receive a 20 minute Forgiveness Meditation, an additional 30 minute Alpha

meditation (downloads), which you can use for any purpose you desire. 

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