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Chakra Clearing

Clearing your chakras is a big part of Reiki.  In fact, the basic Reiki hand positions cover the major chakras.  What’s a chakra?  A chakra is an energy point in your body.  We have many, but the major chakras are your crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral plexus and root chakra.  Source energy flows into our bodies and thru the chakras and continue on thru our bodies...If one or more of the chakras is blocked, we can manifest physical and or mental illness.  It is essential to keep our chakras cleared, balanced and flowing properly.

This meditation can be used alone or in addition to your Reiki practice to clear and balance your chakras.   Optimal health depends on a healthy energetic body...we are so much more than we can physically see!


You will receive a 20 minute Chakra Clearing meditation, an additional 30 minute Theta meditation (downloads), which you can use for any purpose you desire.  Only $19.95!

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