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Personal Distance Healings

The weekly and monthly healings I offer are sent to an entire group of people, and done on my schedule.  While very effective, people sometimes need help at a time other than when I offer the group healings.  I am available to do personal healings by appointment nearly any day of the week.  


A personal distance healing lasts approximately 30 minutes and can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world.  Healings can be purchased for yourself or for loved ones.

Only $75.00

Schedule & Save 10%
A single healing can be very helpful for many people...It all depends on the situation.  One healing isn't going to fix all problems though.  If you have a chronic condition or deep emotional scars, you might want to get a few healings. If you think you might need more than just a single session, you can pre-pay for Four Sessions and Save 10%.  Many people like to receive the healings weekly, but we'll assess your situation schedule the healings in a way you can get the greatest benefit.  

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