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Channeled Messages

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If you’ve ever wanted a very good psychic experience, I have a friend named Jac (whom I've known many years) who gives the most incredible channeled messages you can imagine. The messages come straight from her guides, so there's no interference from her ego, her own story, or anything else. 


Do you need advice on your job?  Your relationship?  Are you at a crossroads in your life?  Do you feel lost?  These are common types of questions Jac and her guides answer every day.  This woman has changed my life and she can change yours too! 


Here’s what some people are saying (names withheld for privacy).


I did a reading with Jeff’s friend Jac and it was single handedly the most amazing experience of my life.  She is a genuine and incredible human being and I am eternally grateful to Jeff for the recommendation.  Namaste.


Hi Jeff,

I just hung up from my reading with Jac. She is FANTASTIC!!!! I love her pixie-like personality. She gave me insights and lessons in the most pleasant manner! She takes her work seriously but doesn't forget about the laughter. Just Loved Her. Thanks so much for helping me to make this wonderful connection!!!  Blessings!!



Hi Jeff,

I had my reading with Jac tonight and I can’t thank you enough!  It was meant for us to meet.  It was truly an AMAZING reading!!!!!  She’s INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Thank you so much. 

Now Three Reading Options!

One Question Email Only Reading  $30

(picture required)

Three Question Email Only Reading  $75

(picture required)

Full Reading via telephone or skype  $175


You get a message from the guides, which tends to be what you really need to hear, not necessarily what you think you need to know.  You can ask up to 8 questions and you’ll get information and feedback you won’t get from the email only options.  Full readings are done via telephone or skype.  Readings tend to last an hour or more.  It truly is like no other reading you’ve ever experienced. 

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