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Learn to Heal Yourself and Others

Reiki is an amazing, powerful, yet subtle form of energy healing.  Healing energy is channeled thru the practitioner’s body, out his/her hands and into the recipient. Reiki may be given to oneself or others.  

It is becoming more known and believed that stress is the cause of all forms of illness, discomfort  or disease (dis-ease).  When we are stressed, vital energy points in the body, also known as chakras, can become sluggish, or even blocked.  When our chakras are blocked, energy cannot flow properly thru our bodies.  Reiki, clears these blockages, so our bodies can heal themselves, the way they were designed.  


When receiving Reiki, you may feel sensations of heat, cold, vibration or tingling.  Because Reiki heals on a physical, spiritual and emotional level, it is a complete healing system.

Reiki is:

•A Universal healing energy which is greatly beneficial to all life forms...humans, plants, animals and other living forces.

•A system which  works on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

•A system of relaxation and stress release.

•A complementary technique...enhancing all other forms of treatment

•An increasingly recognized form of treatment.

•Easy to learn...anyone can learn to heal themselves and others.

Reiki is not:

•Miracle healing

•Psychic healing

•A Religion

•A massage technique

•Limited to a select few

**Reiki Attunements

There are many good healing techniques out there, and I’ve studied many of them myself.  What makes Reiki different from other techniques is that we use something called an attunement to INSTANTLY open your healing channels and adjust your vibration to the appropriate level.  An attunement is nothing more than a simple ceremony  performed by a qualified Reiki Master.  An attunement may be done in person or from a distance.  Some, but not all recipients often report feeling a variety of sensations during an attunement, including vibrations, tingling, bliss, calmness, peacefulness, colors, visions and more.  Many of my students have similar sensations even with my distance attunements.

dear jeff

I have been always healthy and then suddenly boom all went wrong.... one of the things was a whiplash accident over 7 months ago from which I am still recovering.... My life was literally up-side down and there was no way I could go on the 3 months trip I had planned this winter. I decided to take healing in my own hands and joined your on-line course doing reiki on my self for 3 months now, together with your weekly healing I am doing better every day now. I still have about a third to go but I'm happy to let you know that I'm so much better that I was able to go for one month to thailand where I am continuing with reiki intensively.

thanks a lot for everything.


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