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Lunar New Year Healing

February 9-10, 2024

Sorry, This Healing is Closed


It's the Lunar New Year.  In Chinese traditions, the first New Moon after the Solstice.  This year is the Year of the Dragon, which is  believed to be able to foster growth, progress and abundance. The dragon is related to success, intelligence and honour in Chinese culture, while wood dragons are full of energy and dream of changing the world....The new year brings new fortunes, and in 2024, people can expect prosperity and hope.  

The Lunar New Year is Feb 10th in China, but in my time zone, it's Friday, February 9th, and I'm doing a Healing by Donation to reinforce the energies for the year ahead.  Donate ANY AMOUNT to be included in this healing.   If you can donate $20 or more, I'll also include you in another special healing I'm doing on Leap Day (Feb 29th)


Because the 29th of February only happens once every four years, many people believe that the day holds significant spiritual power. From a numerological stand point, 29 breaks down to 11 (2+9), which is known in many new age spiritual communities as being a number of awakening and spiritual enlightenment. Even though we have a 29 in every month, the 29th of February (2) is a rare combination of numbers and therefore a rare energy to experience.

Donate $20 or more, to be included in both healings!

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