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New Moon Solar Eclipse, Oct 25th 2022

Sorry, This Healing is Closed

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An eclipse is a very powerful time to receive healing.  Energies are heightened.   This eclipse is a partial eclipse, but that doesn't mean it will pack less of a punch!  If you're going through an adjustment in your life, you're not alone. The upcoming partial solar eclipse on April 30 is the perfect time for healing! and I'll be doing a special healing by Donation during the eclipse!  Donate any amount to be included!

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As Always, a Donation of ANY AMOUNT will get you on the healing list, but if you can donate $25 or more, I'll also send you my very powerful Abundance & Forgiveness Meditation Bundle!

Forgiveness is a very important part of healing.  Everyone has been hurt at some time in our fact, most of us have been hurt more times than we can remember.  Holding on to these hurts with anger and/or resentment adds to our baggage, which in turn can manifest as physical symptoms or even worse, dis-ease. 

Abundance, of course, means different things to different people.  One could have an abundance of love, an abundance of friends, an abundance of food, abundance of health, and/or an abundance of money, just to name a few.

Reasons to receive Healing during an Eclipse...

  • A solar eclipse brings sudden and unexpected change to your life. Your transition into this new chapter could seem a bit disorienting. 

  • You might receive some unexpected news that alters the course of your journey forever. 

  • Energies can be quite intense during an eclipse (and the days and weeks that follow).

  • Receiving Healing during an eclipse can help navigate and bring intense energies into balance

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