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New Moon Solar Eclipse Healing,
April 19th/20th 2023

Sorry, This Healing is Closed. 
I do FREE healings on the first of each month.  The next Healing is May 1st...Make sure you're on the list! 

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An eclipse is a very powerful time to receive healing.  Energies are heightened.   This eclipse is a partial eclipse, but that doesn't mean it will pack less of a punch!  If you're going through an adjustment in your life, you're not alone. The upcoming total solar eclipse on April 19th/20th (depending where you live) is the perfect time for healing! and I'll be doing a special healing by Donation during the eclipse!  Donate any amount to be included!


As Always, a Donation of ANY AMOUNT will get you on the healing list, but if you can donate $25 or more, I'll also send you my very powerful Healing & Soul Retrieval Meditation Bundle!

Healing can take place on many levels.  No single technique is right for everyone.  My healing journey has taken me to sample many modalities over the years.  I see each modality as another tool in my healing toolbox.  In this recording, I combine my experience in DNA healing with Theta Healing to help you raise the functionality of your DNA.  Raising the efficiency of your DNA, even for very short periods can trigger healing at very profound levels.  Furthermore, raising your vibration in such a manner, even temporarily, will raise your vibration permanently in small increments.  This recording is designed to do just that.

Soul retrieval, as the name indicates, is a process of retrieving bits of our soul, or ‘soul fragments’ which have become disconnected, left behind, or taken from us for a variety of reasons.  Soul loss is caused by a variety of reasons, but most commonly, it is associated with trauma.  An accident, loss of a loved one, divorce or ending of a deep relationship, physical abuse, emotional abuse, shock, sexual abuse, prolonged emotional suffering or grief are all possible causes for soul loss.  Others with unhealthy attachments (also known as psychic vampires) can also take bits of our soul. Otherworldly beings can also play a part in soul loss.  Fortunately, we can usually retrieve these soul fragments, if we only know how.

Reasons to receive Healing during an Eclipse...

  • A solar eclipse brings sudden and unexpected change to your life. Your transition into this new chapter could seem a bit disorienting. 

  • You might receive some unexpected news that alters the course of your journey forever. 

  • Energies can be quite intense during an eclipse (and the days and weeks that follow).

  • Receiving Healing during an eclipse can help navigate and bring intense energies into balance

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