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Level 1 Download 1/2 Price!

Home Study Reiki

Learn to Heal Yourself and Others

Reiki Level 1

The world needs healing more than ever now.  So for a limited time, I'm offering my level 1 course for half price.

Learn to Heal Yourself and Others! In this course, you'll learn what Reiki is, the history of Reiki, about attunements, the basic hand positions, self healing, healing others, other uses for Reiki, practical applications and so much more!

Reiki Level 1 Home Study Course! Includes:

  • Reiki Level 1 Instructional DVD or Download

  • Distance Attunement*

  • Unlimited Emal Support

Hurry, sale ends Monday!



Certification is available for all levels of Reiki, but I only test for level 2 and above.  If you’ve taken my level 1 & 2 Home Study Courses, I can test you after level 2 and then certify you for both levels.  If you took your level 1 somewhere else, I can certify you for level 2 (I cannot certify you for level 1 training you took elsewhere).  I do not certify for level 1 only.  

I take certification very seriously and you should too.  Certification will allow you to perform Reiki on others as a profession in most areas (check your local ordinances if you’re unsure).  Testing isn’t difficult, but you need to demonstrate that you’ve done the work and know the materials.

Testing will be done via Skype or FB video exceptions.  There is a $25 testing fee, which includes my time for the video conference, as well as high quality certificates (suitable for framing), and shipping costs.  Test is pass/fail.

*Distance Attunement

Attunements are a necessary part of the process for the techniques in the video to be effective. An attunement is a sacred ceremony which opens your healing channels. Each person who will be using this course will need an attunement. All attunements are 100% guaranteed to work. Unlimited Support thru Facebook Messaging or email.

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