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Monthly Moon Healings


Receive Healing each month during the New Moon as well as the Full Moon.  This includes Inclusion in any special Eclipse Healings I do throughout the year as well as well as Supermoon Healings!

Only $30/mo

The Full Moon marks the midpoint of the lunar cycle. During this phase, the moon is at its peak energy. You'll notice a heightened awareness of your feelings, visions, and inner thoughts. This is the most powerful time of the month.  This Full Moon healing journey will help you release all that which is no longer serving you along with releasing all the things that are blocking you from moving forward into creating what you truly want to experience in life. It will help you let go, forgive, heal and surrender so that you may step forward into your true power.

The new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. The energy usually associated with this phase is hope, clarity and anticipation, but not all new moons were created equal. Sometimes around the time of the new moon, you may feel this hope, clarity and anticipation, along with confidence, acceptance and a wave of inspiration for new beginnings. But other times, you might feel more sensitive and experience uncertainty and lack of direction, which is also fine too. Each new moon is a supportive time and allows space for you to understand how you’re feeling and whatever you may be going through.



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