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Soul Retrieval

What is soul retrieval?  Soul Retrieval isn’t part of the Reiki training, but it is an essential part of the healing process.  Reiki has opened the door for me to study a variety of other healing methods.  


Soul retrieval, as the name indicates, is a process of retrieving bits of our soul, or ‘soul fragments’ which have become disconnected, left behind, or taken from us for a variety of reasons.  Soul loss is caused by a variety of reasons, but most commonly, it is associated with trauma.  An accident, loss of a loved one, divorce or ending of a deep relationship, physical abuse, emotional abuse, shock, sexual abuse, prolonged emotional suffering or grief are all possible causes for soul loss.  Others with unhealthy attachments (also known as psychic vampires) can also take bits of our soul. Otherworldly beings can also play a part in soul loss.  Fortunately, we can usually retrieve these soul fragments, if we only know how.

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