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Healing Meditation

The average person’s DNA is only functioning at 30% of its’ capability.  There is hope though.  Society is beginning to wake up and more and more people are waking up on our path to enlightenment, which raises our vibration and our here for more info


Soul Retrieval

What is soul retrieval?  Soul Retrieval isn’t part of the Reiki training, but it is an essential part of the healing process.  Reiki has opened the door for me to study a variety of other healing methods. here for more info

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Chakra Clearing

Clearing your chakras is a big part of Reiki.  In fact, the basic Reiki hand positions cover the major chakras.  What’s a chakra?  A chakra is an energy point in your body.  We have many, but the major chakras are....  click here for more info



We are a microcosm of the macrocosm...a small reflection of the greater structure.  Out bodies, our very cells are made in exactly the same way as the heavenly bodies.  Just as the heavenly bodies (such as the earth), change polarity from time to time, so must we change our bodies... click here for more info


Drop Your Baggage

Drop Your Baggage! Release your pain! Release your stuck energy!  That is what this meditation is designed to do.  Holding on to painful memories actually holds them in your energy is a most harmful thing to do.  If we carry around painful memories long enough, they can eventually manifest into physical ailments... click here for more info

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